The Most Popular Online Casino Specialty Games

Most players visit online casinos to enjoy the classic trio of casino games: slots, table games, and live games. They are good games and offer players some nice features and a great time. However, most reputable casinos also have a section of specialty games.

For example, Rizk Casino offers some specialty games in its abundant game selection. Sure players can go for slots, various versions of roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and more, but they can also go for some bingo and Plinko games in the specialty section. They can play them for real money or fun if they’re after the thrill of the game.

Specialty games come in many shapes and sizes. They can offer a respite from the classic selection of games. Alternatively, they give players some new and exciting options to enjoy. The usual mix of specialty games includes some bingo and keno games, however some casinos might be more generous.

Players can even expect some bonuses or promotions that give them a boost when playing such games. Alternatively, they can rely on their budget. Either way, there’s a certain group of popular specialty games you’ll find at the majority of online casinos.


When it comes to casino specialty games, no game selection is complete without bingo. It’s a classic game that has been entertaining players for years. Bingo is still popular in its physical form as numerous countries host bingo games regularly. In its virtual form, it’s available in several variants at casino specialty game selections. Players can enjoy these games with a variety of features. They can go for bingo with 70, 80, 90, or more or less balls.

These games will also give them additional features to make the game more interesting than the regular variant. The goal of the game remains the same. You’ll get a virtual ticket that allows you to pick the numbers and then you’ll see if you got them right. If you happen to win, then the money will be transferred to your casino account. Alternatively, you can try as many times as you like. Some casino platforms allow you to enjoy bingo for free if you’re into that. Either way, the game remains a popular specialty casino game.


Keno is another popular game you’ll find at many casinos. It’s a simple way of playing the lottery as keno is based on that game. As a player, you’ll select a couple of numbers and then there’s a random draw. The draw determines the numbers for each round and if you got them right, you’ll get a reward. The more numbers you get right, the more prizes you win.

There are different versions of keno available at online casinos as different providers give a different twist on the game. In other words, they might add an interesting feature or two to enhance the gameplay. Along with bingo, keno is part of the most common duo of casino specialty games.

Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are another type of popular specialty games. They’re available in physical form as well, as they offer monetary prizes and sometimes more in the form of vehicles and even apartments. However, the scratch cards available at online casinos tend to offer some real money prizes.

The size of the prize will depend on the provider of the game. Similar to slots, scratch cards come with several different themes to make the gaming experience more attractive. Some scratch cards award prizes while others do not, and there’s no telling if you’ll have a winning streak or not which gives them a random element making them more interesting.

Arcade Games

The thing about arcade games at online casinos is that it’s a broad term that can encompass various games. It can refer to classic games with a twist as well as some popular shows. For example, you can play a casino version of Whack-a-Mole at a casino platform, but you’ll also come across a Deal or No Deal game show adaptation.

The casino arcade games feature some bonus rounds and other entertaining elements that make them different from the real-life versions. The possibility of landing a prize is real in both instances. However, casino arcade games might add a challenge or two to enhance the gaming experience.

Virtual Sports

Virtual sports games are there to give sports fans the excitement of sports on their computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone screens. They can get into football, basketball, horse racing and more. They won’t need to wait for a specific schedule as the races and rounds begin in a matter of seconds. Moreover, they can place some bets, and see if they guess the outcome correctly. To make the experience more interesting, providers make virtual sports games with dynamic graphics and add additional elements to make the experience more lifelike.


Plinko is another popular game featuring a vertical board, some pins, and discs. Casino providers have decided to give it a virtual twist and add some features to make it more like a casino game. Instead of discs, they’ve gone for balls and they’ve added multipliers at the bottom of the virtual board. The multipliers come with various values.

The balls will drop through the pins and land through these multipliers. They can bring in small prizes that accumulate or land on the large multipliers. There’s no telling where the balls will land and if they’ll fall to the bottom or the sides. The randomness element is what makes Plinko an attractive specialty casino game.

To Wrap Up

The specialty games section at any casino site is home to various games. Bingo and keno are the two games that are frequently featured in these game selections. However, they can be accompanied by virtual sports that add a dose of freshness to the mix of games as well as arcade games. Virtual scratch cards are also available in this section and give players a chance to win instant prizes. Finally, you have Plinko, which happens to be a well-known addition to the specialty games at several casino websites.